Day I - September 25, 2020

10:00 AM:     Virtual Greeting and Introduction

10:30-12:00 Lecture: Creating community through the guitar: Matthew Rohde, Kithara Project Director

12:00-1:00    Lunch 

1:00-2:30     Workshop/Lecture, Patricia Price from                           8VA Music Consultancy: Creating a                                 Bold, Fresh, Cutting-edge, and                                         Sustainable Music Career

3:00-6:00    Private Lessons: Bokyung Byun

3:00-6:00    Private Lessons: Yacouba Sissoko

3:00-6:00    Masterclass: Eliot Fisk 

3:00-6:00    Masterclass: Adam Levin

6:30-7:00 Meet the Artists 

7:15   Virtual Doors open

7:30-9:30     Concert (by RSVP): Redmond O' Toole and Corey Harris 

9:45 Virtual doors open

10:00-12:00 Late night concert (by RSVP) with David Veslocki; classical guitar, electronics, jazz, Flamenco 


Day II - September 26, 2020

9:00-12:00   Private Lessons : Luther Enloe

9:00-12:00   Private Lessons: Scott Borg 

9:00-12:00   Masterclass: Zaira Meneses

9:00-12:00   Private Lessons: Raphaël Feuillâtre

12:00-1:00 ​   Lunch 

1:00-2:00     Lecture: Federico Sheppard, Barrios' life and music

2:00-3:45    Meet luthiers, Alan Chapman, Get Fisher (Performances by Victor Main and Jim Davidson), Steve Connor and Your Heaven Mic Showcase with Steve

3:45 Virtual Doors Open

4:00-6:00    Concert (by RSVP): Bokyung Byun (Winner of 2019 Rising Stars Competition) and Raphaël Feuillâtre (GFA winner, 2018) 

7:45 Virtual Doors Open

8:00-10:00   Concert (by RSVP): Duo Sonidos (Adam Levin (Guitar) and William Knuth (violin)), Eliot Fisk and Zaira Meneses

10:30-11:15 Meet the Artist

Day III - September 27, 2020

9-10:15 am      Lecture: Derek Gripper, polyrhythmic guitar          

10:30-1:30      Masterclass: Derek Gripper

10:30-1:30       Masterclass: Redmond O' Toole 

10:30-1:30      Private Lessons: Matthew Rohde 

10:30-1:30      Private Lessons: David Veslocki 

1:45-3:00       Lecture: Tone colors with Scott Borg

3:45 Virtual Doors Open

4:00-5:00     Concert: Luther Enloe

6:00-6:30 Meet the Artist

6:45 Virtual Doors Open

7:00-9:00      Concert: Awards Ceremony, Yocouba Sissoko (Kora)
                            And Derek Gripper (Guitar)